Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our little game here at Designs by Sisters 2013!

We here at Designs by Sisters 2013 are playing a great game! Here is how it goes. If you send 12 people here and they buy at least one item from the shop and they mention your name in the order you will get one free pair of earrings! If the people you send here get 12 people to buy something they also receive a free pair of earrings. Remember they have to mention you in their order to receive their free earrings. That also includes free shipping with your free earrings. They are completely free!!!  I hope you have a fun time playing this game!
I also have many more earrings and sets to put up so keep watch. I will be doing some of this today! They are also included in the game! Thank you for stopping by and as always.....
Happy Shopping!!!

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